Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 : For beginners and step by step

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 : For beginners and step by step
English | 2020 | ASIN : B08QDNFCSR | 154 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 28.81 MB

this best book of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019,Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 provides a comprehensive introduction to the latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

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With the help of illustrated explanations, this Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 book will take you through the updated Office 2019 applications and guide you through implementing them using practical examples.

Table of Contents :

Chapter 1: The PowerPoint Interface and Presentation Options

Technical requirements

Introduction and new features

Creating presentationtemplates

Setting up slides and working with files

Setting slide size

Chag the slide orientation

Adding tags to a presentation

Searching using tags

Embedding fonts

Saving presentations in different formats

Saving presentation slides as pictures

Saving as a template

Saving a presentation as an outline

Saving as a presentation show

Exporting file types

Setting print options and layouts

Adjusting print settings

Previewing presentations

Using view and zoom options

Presentation Views using the ribbon

Using the status bar commands

Setting presentation zoom options

Switching between multiple presentations


Chapter 2: Formatting Slides, Tables, Charts, and Graphic


Technical requirements

Setting up slides and applying layouts

Adding new slides

Duplicating selected slides

Deleting multiple slides simultaneously

Copying non-contiguous slides to other presentations

Inserting an outline

Reusing presentation slides

Applying slide layouts

Chag slide layouts

Working with themes and text manipulation

Duplicating, moving, and pasting text

Inserting and formatting lists

Add headers and footers to slides

Applying and modifying themes

Applying a theme to selected slides

Creating your own custom theme

Working with text boxes

Formatting text boxes

Applying a theme fill color

Applying a gradient

Applying a picture

Chag the outline color and weight

Arrag and manipulating objects

Arrag objects

Sending an object forward or backward

Flipping an object

Rotating an object

Aligning objects

Aligning objects to the top

Using the selection and visibilitypane

Grouping objects

Resizing objects

Resetting objects

Constructing and modifying tables

Inserting a table

Inserting an Excel spreadsheet

Setting table style options

Inserting and modifying charts

Selecting a chart type

Entering chart data

Chag chart style

Chag the chart's quick layout

Working with chart elements

Data labels

Adding a data table

Displaying the chart legend

Adding objects to a chart

Chag the chart's title

Inserting audio and video

Inserting a video clip

Applying styles to video content

Resizing and positioning video content

Applying a style to an audio clip

Adjusting playback options


Chapter 3: Photo Albums, Sections, and Show Tools

Technical requirements

Creating and modifying photo albums

Adding picturecaptions

Inserting text

Removing images

Inserting pictures in black and white

Reordering pictures

Adjusting image rotation, brightness, and contrast

Working with text boxes

Formatting text boxes




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